KWAI has just returned to Honolulu from this past Wednesday August 5, 2020 with another large load of ocean plastic including ghost nets, bottles and other plastic debris which was all deposited onto the pier in a massive tangle. You can see photos of the voyage in our Gallery.

This Voyage was Number 54 for KWAI! Drum roll please…….. and lasted a total of 35 days.

Our wonderful and hardworking crew were as follows:

Captain: Evyathar Ben Resheph

First Mate: Alexandra Barnard

Engineer: James Akau

Cook: Sara Nyoma

Bosun: Teitera Turei

Deck Hand: Ieie Teibitoa

Deck Hand: Frank Tabuaka

Deck Hand: Iakobwa Kirario

Deck Hand: Tematang Butoa

Thank you all!!!!!

Departing are Alexandra, Sara and James Akau.

Adios sailors, stay safe out there and I hope we see you again soon!

And being that I am a sailor’s wife myself, I would also like to acknowledge the wives, husbands and partners of all the crew who have been waiting for their loved ones to return home not only for this one trip but for up to I think going on 8 months now. And for those of the crew from Kiribati who are staying aboard for the next voyage to the Marshall Islands it will be much longer still!   It’s a long time and these patient people should be given acknowledgement and congratulations for holding the light for their loved ones as well.

I would also like to thank our amazing Office Manager, keeper of Books and overall do Everything that needs doing person Ms. Wendy Andrews-Berry Thank you Wendy! You continue to be our light in both storms and calm seas.

AND last but not least our Warehouse Manager, Cargo/Shopper Queen and do everything for everyone at anytime person, Ms. Jennifer Schiefla. It’s impossible to even describe everything you do for KWAI, but you keep the whole Honolulu operation organized and moving forward with your unfailing energy! If KWAI could talk she would stand up and thank you.

Oh but wait, there is one more person!  Senior Captain Brad Ives, who without, KWAI would not be. You are the most dedicated to both ship and crew as well as hardworking Captain I have ever met. You are honestly and truly an amazing man and KWAI loves you (as do I).

Thank you, thank you, thank you EVERYONE!!!

KWAI couldn’t be what she is or do what she does without you!

And so moving along, the very short story of KWAI’s arrival is that after landing the nets onto the dock which took a couple of days, the KWAI crew were joined by volunteers from several organizations who arrived to help do the difficult work of sorting the nets into the different kinds of plastic that will then be sent to various organizations and businesses both in the USA and abroad. I will give a full reckoning of the volunteers in an upcoming blog post and I apologize that I do not have that with me at this time.  You know who you are, and the rest of us will know who you are soon, but please know that your efforts in this clean up operation are very much appreciated. It takes a village!

And one last acknowledgment is to the group behind Kwai’s mission,  the non-profit Ocean Voyages Institute (OVI) and in particular Mary Crowley, who has continued to charter us to do this good environmental work.

Thank you very much from all of us from the KWAI Mary!

You can check them out in more detail on their website

Please check out the latest photos from Voyage 54 in our gallery.

And lastly, we are looking for a qualified ship’s Engineer for our next charter which will be to the Marshall Islands departing from Honolulu the beginning of September. If you are interested, please send your CV to

Thank you for checking in, more will be posted soon…..

Yours truly- Mama KWAI