Sorry all Kwaisters, we have been poorly feeding our blogs lately. In this Corona virus free land, lots of things has been happening. Let me start with regular Kwai life.

Our last tour of the Outer Islands is now completed.

We had crew that sailed on Kwai for the first time:  Kontaake and Utiate, two young and restless man. Joined as well the brother of our loved Tetaake and Tokamen: Raerang. It was a pleasure to see them enjoying the sailing and visiting the neighboring islands. They are great person and very respectful like all I-Kiribati. Raerang came back with bags of papayas and bundles of bananas, a sewing machine, a solar panel and more bags! He was popular!!He offered the crew a bundle of banana.

We are preparing our departure, leaving lots of cargo behind us. As you know, Corona virus has shut down the world and 4 days after leaving Hawaii for V53, we learned that we would not be allowed into the Cook Islands. We sailed into Kiribati before the Republic closed its borders as well. So, since the 6th of March we’ve been sailing through the Line Islands, listening to rumors after rumors and bribes of news of the outside world. In our little safe bubble, we laugh at it, were concerned about it, had musters about it and sometimes just forgot about COVID 19.

Today, was schedule our departure. Part of the crew spent the last night with their family, going away for 3 months on the ghost net trip. The crew onboard had a quiet night and went to bed early.

Boarding party arrived this morning with the news that Kwai would not be allowed in, nor its crew, if we come back. Kiribati is implementing the world wide safety measures against the spreading of Coronavirus. School and offices are closing and gatherings will be prohibited.

So, uh…. I-matang is one thing, but what about our crew that are all dear and loving fathers? Family supporters?
The Kiribati crew was requested by the Chief doctor and the captain. Kwai has made the commitment to bring them back home whatever it takes. They have an extra night to make their final decision.

The morning has arrived again. No word spoken; we are waiting to hear whistles from the jetty. 0730, one is down. 0750, one has arrived, walk to the aft deck, without saying anything. Are you in? YES!

0800, the crew is here. 5 out of 6 are onboard and here Kwai’s go again, it’s time to clean up the ocean!!
in length.

by Chantale