Voyage 53
4 March 2020 blog from Chantale

The sun hasn’t left the sky since the ceremonial burning. The sea scale has an average of “3” since our departure on Feb. 27th. While on V52 the wind, the cold, the rain, the “things that can go wrong go wrong, stuck to the ship like a chewing gum under a sole, V53 is blessed with sun and ice cream and plenty of fish on the line. From drowning we saved a Booby, this common but not so pretty bird and not as far as this morning, the end of the rainbow was so close the ship that we finally understood….Kwai IS the pot of gold!

None the less, beautiful weather also means work on deck. Much maintenance has been made while Captain Anika relieved at the helm the crews on watch. Our broken nets have all been repaired, as well as some blocks and new rips in the Flying Jib. After an engineering method to re-enforce the Main Clew and some hand sewing , the Main Sail has been proudly strike up again, ableling us to turn off the engine and maintaining a speed of 7 knots.
Our flying Booby came back with the message that the Islands throughout the South Pacific are concerned with the Coronavirus and therefore, Health ministries are forbidding ships from entering their ports.  What about the Pot of Gold?  Will she push the limits again and pursue her traditional mission toward remote islanders?
For the crew, no big concern at the moment. All are healthy and well. We keep sailing along with a bigger project in mind: the testing of our new GO Pro camera! We can’t wait to share with you pictures and videos of the Sea and her sailing cargo vessel Kwai!