From Shanan

Jack Johnson Blues,
Matched only by the frosted swells
Colored north Pacific Blue
(15 degrees north Pacific blue, to be exact)
(15 degrees, 07 minutes north Pacific blue, to be more exact)
Emanate from the wheelhouse.

It is 1300 on the 16th of February, Kabi and Arioka are on watch, the sky is a bulbous mix of grey and blue that dapple us with shade and showers respectively. We seem to have found a happy combination of sails at last; the last four days have been a scramble of finding the appropriate sail combination to suit the building weather. The clew on the Main blew out and we replaced it with the pilot sail, and swapped out the mizzen sail for the adaptable mizzen staysail. The battle now is to stay on course to Honolulu (due north) and not be swept too far west of the Hawaiian Islands by the strong NE wind and sea. We stagger around the ship, Cook Jane had a hilariously painstaking “shopping” trip to the focsle this morning, and everyone on the helm has a sore left foot from standing with all of our weight on it against the heel of the boat.

The ripe bananas hang
Low hanging fruit? Why yes
We hit our heads
On the way to the head
What was once green now is yellow and FRESH

During a rain squall earlier we had the most marvelous rainbow appear, the full ark of it shining with the color spectrum, both ends disappearing into the waves. It was off to the west. Shanan and Chantale wanted to go looking for pots of gold and other wonders, but the Captain sternly warned that rainbows are like Sirens—fine to chase on land, but here on the deceiving ocean those dangerous beauties will draw the uninformed and weak of heart towards dangerous, treacherous westerly courses. We desisted, meekly, and the thwarted rainbow disappeared soon after.

Arioka and I
Shriek with glee.
We are at the mast cap.
The light is going,
The barest remains of color still grace the sky
But in moments the grey will succumb to velvet and stars.
We whoop, and giggle, and shriek as we swing
Back and forth through the air
Because the new sail is set in time
And we are alive.
Alive in the middle of a blue, blue world.
And there is wind
And night has come.