7 February, 2020
After several days of rain and cold, we  arrived safely to Kiritimati (Christmas Island). So much rain on our last day at sea from Honolulu that the radar wasn’t detecting the island two miles away! We anchored and had the Kiribati boarding party the evening we arrived and the crew was ready to get to work on Monday morning.
Luckily we had two cloudy days in Kiritimati which was perfect for the I-matang (Kiribati name for “white people”),  to acclimate to the island’s warm weather. The crew worked so hard and so well that our mission was completed with one day ahead of schedule. What a great team! Again, congratulations to the crew!!
Meanwhile our Supercargo Myra had leave and take a flight back to the Netherlands to take overthe family business for a while. But “no worries” she says, she will be back on Kwai as soon as she can.
Assistant Chantale finished the Supercargo job on Kiritimati Island and will continue for the rest of the voyage along with Teraititi who has done the job before.
Now Kwai has arrived on Tabuearan, or Fanning Island. This island is gorgeous with her diversity of vegetation, the turquoise lagoon and most of all the people waiting to welcome the Kwai and its 39 passengers who traveled on KWAI from Christmas Island.  Here more crew will join us and the second part of the voyage to the other Islands has now begun. Please refer to the schedule on this website for where KWAI goes next. It will be updated as needed.
That’s all for now. Thank you for checking in. We will post new blogs and tell our stories as we find time to tell them. 
Tiabo moa~