29 January, 2020

As was mentioned in the previous blog, the rolling has not stopped yet.
Twenty knots of winds, one foot of water on the main deck and the weather is getting colder and colder.
After only four days at sea, we have started to eat our reserves of chocolate.
Its common thinking although barely talked about, that Captain Anika might be trying to secretly bring us up North.
Three days without a functional radio or mail was probably part of the plan.
Thank god the only white man onboard has fixed this problem, among others.
Talking about men, we have someone who joined us on departure day that we haven’t mentioned yet.
James is our Hawaiian crew onboard.
Kaaraki James!
Also, has anyone realized that the leading crew of this voyage is women?
Captain, Supercargo, Assistant supercargo, First Mate and Cook, are all woman!
Girls are happy but we admit that it would be impossible to conduct a successful voyage without our other half crew.
Today January 29 is Tematang’s birthday…Yay!!!
We get to eat cupcakes!!!
Oh y es and…Happy Birthday Tematang!!

From Chantale: First Mate