Another tracker for Kwai

On our departure day, we were told that there is a tracker just west of the Big Island floating along.
Everybody is excited, the experienced ones in ghost net hunting and the first timers.
We all hope to find a huge net although remaining empty space is scarce on the ship.
We will get to the tracker’s location on our second day around 1700.
We know the sun will be setting at 1828 and Kwai is on a schedule.
The possibility for looking are restrained but finding it would make our Big Boss Brad really happy…pressure is on everyone.
At 1700 Captain Anika at the helm orders to wake up all sleeping crew.
Everybody on deck now!
Rapidly Frank climbs up the big mast, Tematang is on top of the bridge, binoculars are held by Supercargo Myra and everybody else is looking, directly at the sun setting.
Newbies are secretly dreaming of freeing a rare species of turtle or some other sea creatures.
How long before we find it?
Twenty minutes!
Tematang on top by the mizzen mast shouts “Starboard! Starboard!”.
The Tracker is found, no net attached, just a big fishing float.
A meager two minutes it takes to get to it and pull it out of the water.
Pictures and samples are taken, Kwai continues her journey South with another success under her name.

All is well on board.
Aloha from Chantale- KWAI Cargo Specialist