Kwai sailed from Honolulu on Voyage 51 on Monday 21 October 2019, with a crew of 10.  The day before the cremated ashes of our shipmate, Tetaake Aretana, were brought aboard by Captain Brad and they sail with us now.  Before departure Ross arranged for a Catholic Priest from a local church to come aboard.  Father Kahan from the Church of Sts Peter and Paul presided over a short service for all the crew and blessed Tetaake, the crew and the ship for this sad return voyage. We have a couple of photos of the service in our photo gallery.  This visit was important for all of us. We are still reeling from Tetaake’s suicide and Father Kahan’s visit provided good counsel for all.  Now we take Tetaake home to his family. A head stone will follow on Kwai V52 and a fund has been established for his children and family.

Tetaake was much missed in the loading of Kwai, but shone down on us on the second day.  Maire cleared the fo’c’sle, that morning, burning sage and sweeping with Ti leaves, and purifying with Hawaiian sea salt.  By 1000 hours we were stuffing cargo in the fo’c’sle once again.  A double rainbow graced our start that day with the waning moon right above looking over Kwai.  And the cargo flowed aboard smoothly.

Mother Ocean embraces us now.  A fine breeze carries Kwai and her crew southward.  All sail is set and for once we are not on a tight schedule and can sail at 5-6 knots without the engine running.  Forecast shows light winds ahead but for today we are at peace aboard.