Sometimes you sit down and contemplate your first blog…well here it goes. Voyage 50 was an epic trip in many ways. So many adventures and challenges and many laughs. I first want to say I learned a new and interesting way to clean and I mean deep clean the galley. Step one: try and make one of your crew’s boo boo look stylish with fashionably placed bandages. Step two: knock off sketchy attached dry chemical fire extinguisher with boob: Step three: run to cabin ,shut door and wait. I imagine that Chernobyl would look like my galley after a dusting of snow….it was everywhere. Needless to say it penetrated the places in the galley that haven’t been cleaned for a while and the six hours spent was in some part worth it….at least that is what I kept telling myself. Next adventure was with Myra on shore, us independent women were ready to take on Christmas Island and everything it threw at us, including a flat tire.

As we didn’t need any man to help us we popped the back and saw no spare and hastily went a got a new one. Off to heavy machinery shop to have them lift the truck so the tire could be changed as we saw no jack either. We smiled in our smug ingenuity…..and felt even more girl power when a young Kiribati woman came out and looked in the back….lifted the cover and low and behold found the spare and jack, thus deflating the high fiving and posing for selfies. On hindsight as she went back to the shop, thinking that I-Matang women are very silly and daft, I must agree with her. What I saw as an empty spot for the spare was indeed the middle holder of it. Oh well we carried on with not much excitement after that. Im sorry though that I missed Myra driving up on a boulder…..haha.

We also had a charter to deliver Catholics to the first ever ordination of a priest on the LIne Islands….it will probably be the first and last time I will ever be a dignitary at an event….it was an honor and i took it to heart to find a suitable thing to wear. I had the skirt…but finding a nice clean shirt was a whole other issue. My cleanest and nicest shirt has ” Satan is happy with my progress” printed on it….not ordination worthy. So going through all my others that also were not appropriate I found a some what clean black tank top and a scarf my friends gave me…i was ready to go.

It was the first time I had been to where the Catholic Maneba used to be and it was bustling. Being brought up in the faith I have been to ordinations before ….this was quite unlike anything I have ever seen. The T-shirts with a selfie of Father Kanuaba Ioteba on it….right down the the posters. It was so much more festive than the very solemn ones I have been to at home. The keeping with the Kiribati dancing with the procession of the soon to be new priest and as well with the Eucherist was as beautiful as the ocean waves crashing behind us. As always the ingenuity of the Kirtibati never fails to inspire me….as the body and blood of Christ is a huge and sacred part of the mass…I had to stifle a grin and a giggle as I saw the body of Christ was being delivered in a Skippy Peanut Butter jar!!!!! delivered of course from Kwai. It was feast time after and home to the boat and dogs…..and the dogs….that will be part two of this blog…….stay tuned

By Jane