At sea, somewhere between Christmas Island and Penrhyn, or something like that.
From the tablet on the table there is an interesting mixture of music playing. Simon and Garfunkel alternate with popular Kiribati hits, Laura Pausini, Peter Fox, Spinvis and Celine Dion. I guess thatís the result of a travelling playlist. Kwai is sailing very smoothly down to Penrhyn, with about 20 knots of SE wind we are actually getting there sooner than expected. Itís quiet on board without the engine running and most of the crew sleeping in between their watches. This is precious time, the calm before the storm. As soon as we get to Penrhyn itís back to busy business.
To pass some time, Jayne and I have been trying to make friendship bracelets. The 20 knots of wind give an extra challenge to our arts and crafts abilities. We are nowhere close to Anikaís talent of making bracelets though.
Another project that is in the making is the painting of the toilet on the aft. Iím sure not many blogs mention how awesome Kwaiís toilet is. Itís this wooden structure that is attached to the fantail (Brad just taught me that word). Half of the structure hangs overboard, and you can sit on it and poop in the sea. It also has a roof made of old sail, in case it rains. Or if the sun is burning, because the seat will burn your butt. At night it has little Christmas lights. The only problem is the color, because it just boring white. Luckily we have a lot (a lot!) of paint on board, and so far we have found gold and orange paint. We are still looking for glitter to mix it up a bit. When itís done we will upload a picture on the website.
Yesterday Ross and Brad organized a fire drill and an abandon-ship drill. Afterwards we all sat on the bridge wearing our life-vests. Everybody tested their light and their whistle. When all were done the only sound left was Tokamaen, faintly whistling his whistle and whispering ëcome back, come backí, like a perfect Kate Winslet impression in Titanic.
Banu is one of the crew members, he knows the Kwai since the first time it came to Fanning. Itís fun to have him on board and he makes great music. One of his favorite ways to end a sentence is ëÖor something like thatí. And it sticks. Even without noticing it, most of the crew will pick it up at some point. Itís very funnyÖ or at least something like that.
Other highlights so far were the three puppies that travelled with us from Fanning to Christmas Island. They were called Hank, Petey and Spankie. They were very happy puppies, but also smelly and full of flees. Thanks to the great care of Jane they were less smelly and flee-free upon arrival. Hank went to live with Teitera and Natan gave Petey and Spankie to the KPA foreman, Ioteba. We wanted to take Hank with us to the Cook Islands, but that didnít happen. Teitera says his kids are taking good care of Hank and we should not worry.
After weeks of trying to clean out the FCSTL, it finally happened just before leaving Christmas Island. Teraititi, Arina and Teruia immediately claimed it as their own empire and are now living it up in the FCSTL. Itís still a nice mixture of Kwai Store, provisions and personal luggage, but much more inhabitable than before.
When we arrive to Penrhyn we will be just in time for their independence celebration. There will be a dance event at night which is supposed to be a lot of fun. Teraititi told me yesterday that our relatively new crew member Beeta is a great dancer too. If weíre in luck we might see him doing a performance as well.
Simon and Garfunkel are singing ëthe nearer your destination, the more youíre slip sliding awayí.
That seems like a nice end to this blogÖ or something like that.