Kwai finally departed Christmas Island for the Cook Islands and South Pacific on 30 July after a 5 day delay to get into the jetty at Christmas Island to discharge 70 tons of Teraina copra.  To pass the time the crew broke out the needle guns and shore compressor and attacked the house and mid deck.  Noise and rust filled the air for a couple of days, and the coats of paint continued even as we finally discharged the copra with our own crane as the KPA crane is still standing extended in the yard with the safety cutouts preventing the boom from lowering for servicing the top sheaves.  KPA (Kiribati Port Authority) used a flatrack and big forklift to move the copra away from the ship and make the usual pile at the end of the jetty.  Supercargo well insisted on a day to clean out the Cook Islands cargo and get ready for delivering and selling in the upcoming islands.  Drums of fuel were then loaded aboard and Kwai made ready to sail.  A friend brought some spare parts on the weekly plane from Honolulu and as the sun went down Kwai slipped out of port  sailing for a few miles in the quiet lee of Christmas Island then into the long SE swell coming up the Southern Ocean.  On the second day out wind has come ahead to 15-20 knots of SE and we are motorsailing almost making the course to Penrhyn.  Forecast says the wind will slowly back into the East and allow us a free sail to Penrhyn.  Then the southern winter trade winds will mean a reach or run to Rakahanga and Manihiki and on to Nassau and Penrhyn.  Then another beat 900 miles back to Christmas Island.

Our agent and good friend, Nantongo Timeon, has won the by-election in Washington Island and is now the Member of Parliament from Teraina.  Congratulations, Nantongo, we will miss your smiling face in all our Kwai business.  Son Teauoki will take over the agency work in CI

Captain Brad is ready to retire and live in Hawaii with his patient wife, April.  The ship is officially for sale.  There is plenty of business in the offing, including a 3 month charter in the Marshall Islands and another ghost net voyage for 2020 summer.  Any interested buyers can contact us on the website or at

Aloha, Captain Brad  1 August 2019, 1S, 158W