We are punching into a stiff SE wind as we head towards Christmas Island having departed Fanning Island yesterday afternoon. Full sail was set to begin with however we had to give up at 0400 this morning, hand all sail and use the motor.
Most of our cargo was unloaded at Washington Island where we spent 3 days and Ross was kept very busy in the hot Cargo hold with as many as 10 people looking down waiting as he organized the goods that they had ordered. The highlight for the Islanders was again Kwai store, when Myra and the crew take our own cargo ashore, and nearly the whole population pays a visit to buy some of the huge variety of goods that we sell.
We then loaded 70 tons of Copra and departed after embarking 41 passengers, 20 of whom are patients going to the hospital on Christmas.
We had a pleasant Sunday morning off to allow the Crew to go to church. Brad went surfing not far from the ship and soon he had Dolphins swimming around him chasing flying fish. To escape, the flying fish are true to their name and leave the water and spread their wings. The Frigate birds know this is going to happen and swoop on the flying fish and pluck them out of the air showing off one of the symbiotic relationships of nature.
Our stop at Fanning Island was enjoyable as always and once again Kwai store was taken ashore and spread out in the shade of a big tree.
We will spend a few days in Christmas Island loading fuel drums before sailing towards the northern Cook Island.
All on board are happy and well.