So about those dogs… many puppies….people….and pigs! Yes on our return trip to Christmas Island we were loaded with passengers…..and 23 puppies and 2 piglets and set sail. I seem to end up being the caretaker of the little creatures much ti the amusement of the Kiribati passengers. I love the little mutts….even though I know that their future is dubious at best. They get bathed, combed, fluffed, watered, fed and cuddled and then put into the makeshift kennels.

Some by this time have got their names. We had a very special little pooch this time, Brad and I arrived back from the ordination ceremony to discover from Seb our new engineer that there was a dog already on board. He had already charmed first mate Ross and Seb into giving him food… the puppy process began…and by the end of it Peanut was part of the family. He has such a gentle and disarming personality and boy could that little dog eat!!!!!

I had made up a little bed for him….but he was having none of it and made himself quite at home under the keel box…so everyday he would be covered in dirt and dust. He got a lot of baths and quite enjoyed them! His big personality made all of us fall under his spell and we sat a night hatching plans on how to keep him. Well common sense won out and Peanut began a new life with a new family when one of our crew took him home. As I took him up to his new mom I was standing with him on the jetty. A woman came up to look at my “baby” she was surprised to see a dog…..I do spoil them.

A couple of other puppies I named JK and Bobby it gave great hilarity as Bobby was super loud…..and yeah so was JK and the passengers giggled when I would admonish them. I have been asked why I spoil and take care of these little beasties, even though I have them for a short time, well life is short and sometimes cruel, not only to little puppies but us humans as well. A little unconditional love from a small bundle of fur can make all the stress , loneliness and fear disappear for a while. So I look forward to next voyages with my four legged friends….you never know there might be a stowaway……