No new nets found today.  The tracker attached to a large bundle of nets failed just a few days before we go to it.  We ran down to the last reported spot and along the estimated track line but never found it.  We did come up on an overturned 18′ fiberglass boat that we managed to get aboard using our cargo gear. It has some damage, but may become part of our fleet.   The rest of the morning was spent processing the tangle of 5 tons of net, rope and plastic taken aboard yesterday.  The crew attacked it with knives, hedge trimmers, loppers and machetes.  With the cargo gear they could lift up parts and cut them into bundles that fit into the one ton sugar bags we have aboard for this purpose.  Once in the bags the material can be handled easily and 12 bags and one boat are now stowed in the hold.  After lunch we headed off toward another tracked net 550 mile to the NE.  The wind has held in the SE and we are able to sail peacefully over a sun and starlit sea. Lookouts have been aloft all day, but all we have tuned up are some individual fishing floats.  We are now headed up into the southern edge of the Pacific Gyre and we hope for some good net fishing in the next couple of days.