This is the fifth day of our 25 day charter to lasso ghost nets.  We are a crew of 11 plus 2 drone operators and are chasing down trackers that have been fastened to net balls floating in the North Pacific.  The charter is to Ocean Voyages Institute who got yachts traversing the Pacific to place the markers.  At 0900 this morning we came up on tracker #26 and pulled it and about 200kg of net material aboard.  We then set all sail for a broad reach down to the next tracker, transmitting intermittently about 100 mile to the north.  This gives us a fine broad reach in 10-15 knots of SE wind.  An hour into our track the lookout, Toki, spotted a net to weather and we hauled in all sail to investigate.  It turned out to be a big net ball.  It took us several hours to get it aboard using the ship’s cargo gear.  Divers swam slings around the different parts of the net and in 3 lifts we were able to haul it all aboard to a rousing cheer.  I estimate it at 5 tons of weight and 10 m3 of volume.  As we sailed through the afternoon all hands took to cutting this tight ball of many colors and types of net and rope into bundles that can be bagged in one tone sugar bags for stowing in the hold.  The favorite weapon today was the hedge shears, but all manner of loppers and knives were tried  At sundown we were only half done.  Hopefully the hatch will be filled again tomorrow.