At sunrise today we started our serious watch for nets and plastic debris.  Lookouts were posted at dawn.  As we approached the position of the satellite tracker as relayed form shore, we took in sail and came slowly downwind to find it.

We came into a field of plastic debris and after a couple of hours came on the satellite tracker tied to a net.  We recovered the tracker but unfortunately the net was not too big.  Three crew were able to haul it aboard without the use of the cargo gear.  We then launched the boat and picked up plastic materials for a couple of hours while Kwai drifted.

Spirits were high as the crew collected materials and celebrated the first success of the voyage. The take was then photographed, samples of marine life bagged for freezing and logged. Sails were set again in 12 knots of SE as Kwai headed off to the next tracker 150 mile to the East.