Kwai sailed Saturday, 25 May for a 25 day charter to pick up “ghost” nets in the North Pacific. We are headed to a latitude north of Hawaii for the first time since sailing from New Bedford in 2005. Crew is all happy to be at sea again, especially in the fine weather we have. WInd has been Easterly then Southeast 15 knots now down to 10 which is fine. Tomorrow we hope to come up on the first tracked floating net and the less wind the better for sighting submerged nets. We are under charter to Ocean Voyages Institute which gave us a good send off on Saturday. They have sent 2 drone operators, Greg and Sasha, to help with spotting the nets. They flew the drone on departure to film the ship leaving and setting sail. Wind was 15 gusting to 20 and made for an exciting retreival. Today we have posted a full day time lookout aloft as we are in the area for floating nets and other debris.

Captain Ethan has command, Mate is Anika and Brad is sailing as Engineer this trip. Captain Evy, now Port Engineer, finished the installation of a deck generator which we tested today and made fresh water for 4 hours. All is well aboard and we hope for some good hunting in the cool weather.

27 May 2019 Brad