Blog for 7 June, 2019

Today was the slowest day of the trip.  We are now under all sail except the mainsail which is furled so we can use the cargo gear.  We are making about 4 knots in the general direction of Hawaii after turning around a few days ago.  Up to today we have had good hunting.  Yesterday afternoon we sent 10 more bags in to the hold for stowage, while today we will only make 3. Mostly this spot in the ocean seems a bit cleaner than where we were yesterday. The crew got a bit of a rest today as we have been steadily busy on deck for 12-13 hour days.  The wind has picked up to 10 knots which makes it a bit more difficult to see the nets.  The 2 drones fly regularly and can see pretty well.   Several of the nets today were below the surface but the drone can find them. We are now headed for 3 tracked nets.  One we should come up to tomorrow morning.  This was tagged by Aveia, the catamaran out hunting with us. Then we have a couple more to pick up that we passed on our way out.  With luck we find plenty more in the area of these.  ETA Honolulu is still 18 June.  Aloha, Brad