Tuesday 4th of June

Today we woke up closer to San Francisco than Honolulu.  We are at the eastern end of our journey and will now work our way slowly home, hunting all along.  We found tracker #14 right where it should be and used the cargo gear to pull a medium size netball out of the ocean – estimated weight one ton.  Then the crew set sail as we headed SW downwind for the first time this voyage.  We are 1100 miles from Hawaii and headed now through the waters most likely to hold debris and nets and have the best visibility.  Unlike most voyages when we are looking for breeze to move Kwai along, we look now for calm and light winds which afford the best opportunity for the lookouts and drones to find the ghost nets.  We ended up the day with about 5 bags full, about an average day.  On the edge of the gyre we often in sight of at least one bucket, basket, float or pile of net and/or rope, almost all fishing gear.  At times we go through patches of millions of small plastic particles.  Life is good aboard, there is enough work, looking out, steering, hauling in gear, handling the sails and boats, logging and processing the catch and there is an easy jovial atmosphere as we go through each day in favorable calm conditions.  The food is great, only missing fish as there are too many maneuvers to have lines out.  Next big net we will make a couple of passes around with lures.  Much of the debris have fish under, schools of bait fish and mahi mahi, feeding on them.  Only one shark so far.  We passed a turtle today that looked like it was caught in debris.  The boat went over and it was only huge barnacles growing on the shell.   Never a dull moment on this ship, aloha, Brad