Kwai weekend was spent working our way 500 miles to the ENE to pick up another tracked net.  This route takes us along the southern edge of the Paific Gyre and into prime hunting territory.  Saturday we were still under sail in 5-10 knots of SE wind, moving nicely along at 3-4 knots, a good speed for spotting nets and debris.  As it was a slow net day the boat was deployed to pick up whatever the look outs could spot.  By the end of the day we had a hatch full of drying ocean debris, enough for a full one tone bag.  Sunday we found our first really calm day.  The drones have been flying all week but this was the first day they could really spot and they came up with some good net finds. Several nets were found too big to haul aboard by hand and we used the gaff vang tackles to lift them aboard.  The biggest was about one ton and took some hands to get aboard.  We ended up with about 5 tons for the day.  Its Monday morning and before breakfast we have hauled in 3 good size nets, a long line pole which feels like it has been into the sea for years and 2 boats full of incidental catch. Crew is in good spirits, very much into the chase.  The I-Kiribati are dressed for winter!  This is as far north as they have ever been.

3 June 2019 33N 144 W