Today we got the biggest net of the trip, about 10 tons in wet weight.  This one was a tracked net that had stopped transmitting, then came back on line.  Two days ago we diverted to pick it up and it was well worth it.  We found nets on the way, and are still picking them as we head back toward Honolulu.  The weather has been changeable as a front passed over us this morning about 2 hours before we came up the the net.  This one was easy to spot as it made a big circle in the grey sea.  Choppy waves and a NW swell plus the heavy weight of the net made it a real challenge to get aboard.  First the 2 divers went out in the small boat with a driver and Sasha to film.   While the ship stood by with just the mizzen set to help keep her head to wind and slow the roll, the divers get slings around the net ball.  The ship then comes alongside and quickly hooks on to one sling.  This is heaved up with the cargo gear topping lift.  The net this size is to heavy to lift in one go, so when the winch limit is reached we put a tackle on the top and haul it as far as possible over the rail so that as the topping lift is eased enough of the net drapes over the rail and stays on the ship.  The next sling down is then rigged and another section is hauled over the rail.  This big net took 4 lifts before the last lift dropped aboard and the cheers went up. Kwai’s 8 ton cargo winch was much appreciated for this work.  Without it we would have to cut the net mass into pieces in the water. We are at 34 N latitude today and the water is cold. The divers were shivering as they came back from half an hour in the water, but everyone was in good spirits.  The boat was recovered and Kwai is off to the next net.  We are one week away for teh end of the charter and now working our way that way.