Another day comes to an end with half the hatch covers with piles of nets, drying out before they are stowed in the hold tomorrow.  There was one big net this morning which was quite a challenge.  We have been sailing with full sail up making over 6 knots.  To stop the ship, not lose sight of the net ball floating just at the surface then maneuver alongside the net, without getting it under the ship and in the propellor is quite a challenge.  Then 2 crew havve to jump in the water to get a sling around the big net.  The cargo gear has to be rigged ad deployed to lift the net out of the water.  Small net we can drift downwind on them and pull them out by hand or use one of the gaff vang tackles to get it over the rail.  Today with 15 knots of wind and a choppy sea running, we had to take in all sail except the mizzen to be able to safely maneuver alongside and get the 2 ton net aboard.  The Kiribati crew are fearless in handling the small boat and swimming to sling up the nets.  There is a lively competition to see who will spot the most nets.  Small hand hauled ones don’t count, only those requiring cargo gear or hand tackles.  It is all fun, but also dangerous.  The almost 70 year old Engineer was knocked twice out of the small boat during recovery operations and quietly retired back to the engine room. Aloha, Brad (sailing as Engineer)