Kwai arrived in Christmas Island at 0400 February first, Kiribati time which is one day ahead of Hawaii.  The voyage of 1160 miles took 7.1/2 days for an average speed of 6.4 knots, 80 % of which was under sail.  Captain Dominic reported daily on the fine performance of the ship under sail.  The wind was 1-20 knots ENE with some squalls to 30 knots.  The aging mainsail was down for 36 hours for repairs to the clew.  The Pilot Sail was set in the gusty trades at the beginning of the trip and while the crew sewed on the mainsail clew.  The ship was full with 540m3 of cargo in the hold and on deck.  The weight was about 160 tons, while her capacity to the Plimsoll line is 220 tons.  I don’t yet have the fuel consumption figures but I know it was very low.  After clearing of the vessel by the authorities, discharge of the 290m3 for Christmas Island began at once.  The Christmas Island crew hustled off to meet with family and those left behind on the trip to Hawaii showed up to get a berth for the Outer Island Voyage.  Kwai has a charter with the Ministry of Education to return students to the schools around the Line Islands and come Saturday the ship will be underway again, full of cargo and students packed like sardines on the hatch and Aloha Deck.  After this first charter to Fanning and Washington Island, Kwai will make a second trip with local cargo and passengers before heading back to Hawaii in early March.  Busy busy, load the last ton, keep moving!  Stay tuned for the Captain’s reports, aloha, from Hawaii, Captain Brad