Kwai is to arrive in Hilo at 1500 on 9 February and to clear in with US Customs on February 10.
Heavy Northerly weather force us to abandon trying to reach Honolulu directly.  We were lucky to miss the strong northerly flow by ducking under the Big Island. We always run down the West side on the way to and from Honolulu, losing the trade wind and motoring,  but this unusual N and NW winds made the east side the sheltered one.  We really did not know what to expect but had a fair wind most of the way as the wind wrapped around the south end of the Big Island mountains.  We made good time up to Cape Kumakahi, the eastern end of the island.  Dawn broke and we could look up the new lava field to the cinder cone that marks where April and Brad’s house stood.   We then punched 25-30 knots of NW wind to get around the point and make it to Hilo.  We have anchored in Hilo Bay behind the breakwater and will clear in tomorrow.  It looks like we will be wind bound here for a couple of days as the storm low that has created the northerly flow will bring 30-40 knots of west wind.  Hopefully we can shelter here on the lee side until the trade winds return.