1st of January 2020, Te Ririki ae Boo

“HAPPY NEW YEAR”, says helmsman Teitera when I step into the wheelhouse. We exchange best wishes and Carson asks our New Year resolutions. My watch-mate Tabura surprises us with his wish to go to Tarawa and finish his training at the Maritime college. “Class 5, and maybe class 3 to become a first mate”, he announces. Carson has the intention to ‘fly less’. This is quite a challenge as a professional sailor. Teitera says: “I will decide when I get to Honolulu, hihi”. And me, I’d like to be more aware of my impact on my surroundings.

Now I would like to express my respect to our regular cooks Jane, Arina, Tokaniman and Teruia for doing such a great job cooking on the high seas. As we currently have no cook on board, we take turns in the galley. On the last day of the year Carson prepared a Turkey and I was responsible for the rest: mashed potatoes, grilled squash, noodle soup and ice-cream with home baked pear-pie. Not an easy task to fulfill while pitching and rolling in moderate seas.

This last leg from Chistmas Island to Hawaii started off really nice. The weather has been favorable to making Easting. After passing the ITCZ we are now heading North. Because stronger winds are predicted, captain Anika decided to change the mains’l for the smaller pilot sail. This process took us the best part of two hours. While furling the mains’l I noticed that two lashings on the runners for the gaff had come loose. This is a job for our bosun, as soon as the seas calm down.

For the new year I wish all our followers positive spirits and happiness. The Kwai I wish safe sailing and many profitable years to come.