Aloha, Mauri, Kia Orana and Greetings,

The KWAI is right on schedule to leave Honolulu, Hawaii tomorrow afternoon. The ship is loaded with a large assortment of cargo and everyone is very busy today doing all the last minute preparations for another voyage to Kiribati and the Cook Islands.

We have one new crew member Chloe Rountree from Georgia (United States) who is our Chief Engineer. Chloe has been working for several years in the US Coast Guard and brings a lot of experience to the KWAI. On top of being an Engineer, Chloe is also a welder and as you may know if you’ve been following KWAI for awhile there is always welding work to be done so we were thrilled when Chloe contacted us and asked for a position. Welcome to our KWAI family Chloe.

Ben-geener and master blog writer has stepped ashore to take a short leave from the KWAI to continue his medical education in Curacao. We will miss you greatly Ben but see you soon- ok?

Another member to recently step off is Ryan Gertz who came as assistant super cargo on our last voyage. Thank you for all your hard work Ryan. And hey guy, don’t be a stranger!

And last but not least we have a new/old crew member who has come back to us, Ms Corey Young. She worked with us on Voyage 10 back in 2007/2008 as bosun and returns as First Mate of the KWAI. She has her 500 Ton Ocean Master ticket and has worked with some well known Foundations and ships such as Ocean Classroom Foundation, Kalmar Nykel, US Brig Niagara and Liberty Clipper amongst others. We are very happy to have you back Corey.

The rest of our V30 crew have all been with us for quite awhile now and I list them here.
The KWAI starts out with 11 crew members leaving Honolulu.

Captain Evy
Frankie as Supercargo
Henny as interim Cook until we reach Kiribati where she will be stepping off for a bit of shore leave in Christmas Island, at which point Arina will step back aboard

The Honolulu dock crew consisted of
Papa KWAI- Senior Captain Brad Ives
me- Mama KWAI- April Fountain-Ives
Wendy Berry- Our Executive Office Manager
and newest KWAI family member Maire Raven who will be working with us in the office on the Big Island. We welcome you with open arms Maire and are so glad you have joined us.

Dock support consists of many different people and businesses but I’d like to mention a few in particular who KWAI is forever grateful to.

Captain Jennifer Schiefla who has been working behind the scenes with KWAI for years and does pretty much everything that KWAI needs getting done in Honolulu
Meagan and Maile Kellogg who use their homes to store cargo and do a lot of shopping to fill our customers orders in Honolulu.
Aala Ship Service and every single person who works for them. They pick up and deliver cargo to the dock and always have the best attitude when they come, making us always happy to see them.
Mike Bowers and Co, our Customs Broker who is always a pleasure to work with and does such a fine job.
And a thank you to all the Stevedores who worked with us to get cargo off the trucks and onto the ship this time around. We got it done!

Thank you everyone!

And a special mention that we will certainly be missing Ben’s Blogs but I hope that other crew members will take up writing to you about the life on KWAI.
Until then-
Aloha,Tiabo Moa, Atawai Wolo and Cheers

This is Mama KWAI wishing you health and happiness and fair winds in your life journey.