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Kwai Blog of 5 April

March 20 2019, a day that will go down in infamy. We awoke to discover that our new crew boat with it's just out of the box motor had disappeared from the stern. We had another boat rented from the Fanning island council. We sent three crew members in this boat to...

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Captain Kim’s Blog (Feb. 26, 2019)

Feb 26 16:45 After loading a respectable 300m2 ? General cargo, neatly stowed in the hold and well strapped on the hatch we made a little show of leaving Kewalo harbor by setting sail in the channel. At the exit, we picked up the NE trades almost immediately. Main,...

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Update- Arrival to Hilo, Hawaii

Kwai is to arrive in Hilo at 1500 on 9 February and to clear in with US Customs on February 10. Heavy Northerly weather force us to abandon trying to reach Honolulu directly.  We were lucky to miss the strong northerly flow by ducking under the Big Island. We always...

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Captain Brad’s Blog

Kwai has always been a blend of the old and the new and a scene unfolded this trip north on the aft deck to remind us of this again.  Tim Knoop is aboard since Christmas as a Engineer after Ben's departure, and as an intern working on his thesis about reduction in...

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Ben’s Blog, January 10, 2019

Kwai salvages yacht "Blue Star" Just as I was wondering how Voyage 47 could go by without "drama", universe provided us with some action. On our return from Washington Island we found a yacht anchored very close to our mooring in Fanning lagoon. After we were tied to...

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