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Voyage 55 (Blog 3)

Blog 3 V55 Today Kwai is at anchor in Ebon, Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI).  Through Marshall Islands Shipping Corporation (MISC, which has chartered Kwai for 4 months work in RMI, the ship was voyage chartered to Ebon to carry 35 passengers and cargoes for a...

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Kwai Update Sept 22

Captains Log September 22, 2020  Kwai arrived safely in Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) on Friday 18 September.  The downwind voyage was pleasantly uneventful.  We had some fine sailing but much calm in the second half of the trip when the trade winds...

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Voyage 55 (Blog 1)

Voyage number V55 began on the second of September, 2020.  Fifty five voyages in 15 years, many of 2-4 months, and now Kwai is headed to new territory.  The Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) beckons from across the dateline.  This old ship will be as far west as she...

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Voyage 54 (Blog 2)

KWAI has just returned to Honolulu from this past Wednesday August 5, 2020 with another large load of ocean plastic including ghost nets, bottles and other plastic debris which was all deposited onto the pier in a massive tangle. You can see photos of the voyage in...

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Voyage 54 (Blog 1)

OCEAN VOYAGES INSTITUTE with SV KWAI SETS RECORD WITH LARGEST OPEN OCEAN CLEAN-UP IN HISTORY 103 Tons of Plastic Removed From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch HONOLULU, HI — June 23, 2020 Ocean Voyages Institute’s marine plastic recovery vessel, S/V KWAI, docked at the...

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