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Kwai V54 Pacific Ocean Cleanup

On 18 June, SV Kwai returned from a 45 day voyage in the Pacific Ocean, with no ports of call. Under charter to Ocean Voyage Institute, her mission was to collect ghost fishing nets and plastic debris. Captain Evy and crew spent the days spotting and heaving aboard tons of nets.

Aided by tracker buoys, deployed by other vessels on floating nets, satellite imaging and current and weather forecasting models, they searched the Pacific Gyre for plastic waste materials and using the ships cargo gear hauled the often heavy nets aboard where they were cut apart and stowed in large bags for packing in the cargo hold, filling Kwai’s belly about ¾ full. On 23 June the load was landed in Honolulu where the nets were loaded into Matson containers to be shipped, pro bono, to the US mainland for processing into usable products in a new fledgling industry, designed to process ocean waste.

Kwai is playing her part in this massive effort to clean the oceans of plastic waste. We are all proud of this effort and of our fine ship.

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Photo above: Kwai departs July 1 for more ghost net collection.


Ocean Voyages Institute and Sailing Vessel Kwai are looking for vessels to attach tracker buoys to ghost nets in the Pacific Gyre. Kwai will undertake another voyage to collect ghost nets and plastic in May and June of this year. We are looking for any yachts or ships transiting between Hawaii and the mainland in April and May to deploy buoys on ghost nets and large floating debris. All necessary equipment and a small stipend is offered for this important work.

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