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Latest Schedule For Voyage # 45

Please contact us should you have any questions about the schedule. All listed dates for Kiribati are USA +1 day according to their calendar.
Disclaimer: All schedules are subject to change. Please check back for all current updates. Thank you

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Thank you very much, Tiabo moa, Meitaki maata.

Our upcoming Voyage # 45 will be going to the Islands of  Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Tabuaeran (Fanning) and Teraina,
(Washington Island) as well as the Northern Cook Islands of Penrhyn,Rakahanga, Manihiki, Nassau and Pukapuka.
Dates are posted, but all are subject to change.

If you have never shipped cargo with us before, please see our webpage "how to ship cargo" and if you have any additional questions please contact the KWAI office at email: Cargo@svkwai.com or call USA +1 (808) 854-6289

Updated 19 July, 2018

Accept cargo at Pier 19             18-19 June 2018
Load Ship at Pier 19                  21-22 June, 2018 (no more accepting of cargo for this voyage)

Depart Honolulu                         27 June, 2018

Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)        6-10 July, 2018
Tabuaeran, (Fanning Island)      11-13 July, 2018
Teraina, (Washington Island)      14-15 July, 2018
Tabuaeran, (Fanning Island)      16-18 July, 2018
Kiritimati, (Christmas island)       19-20 July, 2018













Cook Islands

Puka-Puka, Cook Islands                   26-27 July, 2018
Nassau, Cook Islands                        28-30 July, 2018
Manihiki, Cook Islands                       31 July- 1 August, 2018
Rakahanga, Cook Islands                  2-3 August, 2018
Penrhyn, Cook Islands                       4-6 August, 2018

Kiritimati (Christmas Island), KI           13-14 August, 2018
Tabuaeran (Fanning), KI                     15-16 August, 2018  
Teraina (Washington), KI                     17-18 August, 2018
Tabuaeran (Fanning), KI                     19-26 August, 2018
Kiritimati (Christmas Island), KI            28-29 August, 2018

Honolulu                                            5 September, 2018