Our Schedule

“Update 17 April : Kwai is expected back in Honolulu on 9 May. We have a charter with Ocean Voyages Institute to pick up “ghost” nets in the Pacific Ocean. This charter is planned for 25 May to 18 June. Cargo acceptance for V50 to Kiribati Line Islands and the Northern Cook Islands will be on 19-20 June. ETD is 29 June with arrival in CXI on 8 July.“

V50 Schedule will be posted in late May.

Forklifts will be available on the above dates for truck deliveries, if needed between the hours of 7:30 am to 11:45 am and 1 Pm to 3:30 pm only.

Contact people for Pier 19 cargo acceptance days are Captain Brad Ives at (808) 756-8078 and Maire (808) 896-8537

Please remember that if you are shipping cargo with us from Honolulu, you must pay for shipping when you drop your freight off with us. We can not ship without payment. If you don't pay, we will contact you to have you pick up your cargo before we sail. 

Also please make sure that all your items are listed on your dock receipt BEFORE you leave your freight with us.  It is your responsibility to make sure everything you are shipping with us is noted on the receipt.  We will not accept any claims for non delivery, if your cargo is not listed on your receipt. Thank you.

We accept cash, checks and Paypal (if you have an account). There is an additional 3% charge for Paypal charges.
For Paypal charges please contact Wendy Andrews (KWAI office) at 808 854-6289 during normal business hours. 

We will have very limited amount of space to accept cargo at our new warehouse in Honolulu. Please contact Jennifer Schiefla if you need to make arrangements to store your cargo. Her mobile # is (808) 782-5271.

Please contact us should you have any questions about the schedule. All listed dates for Kiribati are USA +1 day according to their calendar.

Disclaimer: All schedules are subject to change. Please check back for all current updates. Thank you


Please see our new online order policies in "How to Ship Cargo" on this website.

Thank you very much, Tiabo moa, Meitaki maata.

If you have never shipped cargo with us before, please see our webpage "how to ship cargo" and if you have any additional questions please contact the KWAI office at email: Cargo@svkwai.com or call USA +1 (808) 854-6289

Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)21-24 April, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)25 April, 2019
Teraina, (Washington Island)26-27 April, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)28-29 April, 2019
Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)1-2 May, 2019
Arrive Honolulu9 May, 2019
V49 Charter by Ocean Cleanup25 May - 18 June 2019
V50 Accept cargo Pier 1919-20 June, 2019
Load Ship25-26 June, 2019
Depart Honolulu29 June, 2019