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Voyage 54 and Beyond - Kwai in the time of Coronavirus

SV Kwai is on her way back from Christmas Island to Hilo Hawaii. The ETA is 9 April.

Voyage 54, ghost net fishing in the Pacific Gyre, will begin around the first of May and continue for up to 3 months, with one break in the middle to land nets and plastic and re-supply.

The ship is currently COVID-19 free. There is no virus yet in the Line Islands of Kiribati, but there is in Hawaii. It is our every intention to keep the ship virus free. She will stay at anchor in Hilo or Kawaihae on the Big Island and the crew will be quarantined aboard. All crew signing off will not be allowed to return to the ship. All new crew joining will be quarantined for 2 weeks in Hawaii and tested before going aboard. All stores and equipment going aboard will be isolated and treated as needed. This is our commitment to our crew and to Kiribati and the Cook Islands, where we will return.

We are blessed to have the ghost net work during this time to keep the ship actively engaged in meaningful work, and in a safe environment.

Ocean Voyages Institute and Kwai are actively looking for yachts or other ships to deploy tracker buoys on nets in the Pacific Gyre. We have the buoys and information available here for any boats transiting the area between Hawaii and the mainland. Our notice follows, please pass this on to anyone who might be interested.


Ocean Voyages Institute and Sailing Vessel Kwai are looking for vessels to attach tracker buoys to ghost nets in the Pacific Gyre. Kwai will undertake another voyage to collect ghost nets and plastic in May and June of this year. We are looking for any yachts or ships transiting between Hawaii and the mainland in April and May to deploy buoys on ghost nets and large floating debris. All necessary equipment and a small stipend is offered for this important work.

Mainland Contact
Mary Crowley

mary@oceanvoyagesinstitute.org 415 999 2426

Big Island Hawaii Contact
Brad Ives
brad@svkwai.com 808 756 8078