Our Schedule

On 18th of June, Kwai completed a 3 week charter to Ocean Voyages Limited to pick up ghost nets and plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean.  After 25 days and 3000 miles, Kwai landed over 40 tons.  This is the most plastic debris ever collected in the Pacific by one vessel. View videos in the gallery page.

Please contact us should you have any questions about the schedule. All listed dates for Kiribati are USA +1 day according to their calendar.

Disclaimer: All schedules are subject to change. Please check back for all current updates. Thank you

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Thank you very much, Tiabo moa, Meitaki maata.

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V50 Accept cargo Pier 1919-20 June, 2019
Load Ship23-24 June, 2019
Depart Honolulu27 June, 2019
Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)6-9 July, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)10-13 July, 2019
Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)15-17 July, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)18 July, 2019
Teraina, (Washington Island)19-22 July, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)23-24 July, 2019
Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)26-27 July, 2019
Penryhn1-3 August, 2019
Rakahanga5 August, 2019
Manihiki6-8 August, 2019
Nassau10 August, 2019
Pukapuka11-14 August, 2019
Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)21-23 August, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)24-26 August, 2019
Teraina, (Washington Island)27-28 August, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)29-30 August, 2019
Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)1-3 September, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)4-8 September, 2019
Teraina, (Washington Island)9-10 September, 2019
Tabuearan, (Fanning Island)11 September, 2019
Kiritimati, (Christmas Island)13-14 September, 2019
Return to Honolulu21 September, 2019
Notes: Kwai reserves the right to alter the direction of travel in the Cook Islands. If weather demands then Pukapuka may be first and Penrhyn last. Schedule subject to delay for Cook Islands Independence Day celebrations.
Dates from 23 August to 10 September will include charters to Fanning Parish for passengers and may be different.