Aloha, Mauri and Kia Orana,

We have sent out emails to our agents and to customers that we have email addresses for with the  order date information below.
If you have not received an email, please send it to and let us know that you would like to be put on the email list for future order dates.

The dates for you to get your orders in for the next voyage are as follows:

We are accepting orders for  Voyage 45 starting  8 May, 2018
Close date for Voyage 45 orders is 8 June, 2018

For online orders we can now ONLY accept orders from

Other online websites have proved too difficult to order from and many customers have been disappointed so we regret that we have had to stop this service.

NO orders for will be accepted for Voyage 45 after June 8 because we can’t get the items to Hawaii in time.

All orders for should be sent to and need to include the link to the exact page of your item along with how many of this item you would like (quantity)  size or color when applicable.
All online Amazon orders will also need to include deposit information from your bank (name on the deposit, date, amount and receipt #).
To calculate your deposit amount, take the total from Amazon and multiply by 2. This amount will approximately cover the exchange to your currency, our 20% shopping fee and freight.
If there is any difference (less or more),  the Supercargo on KWAI will adjust at the time of delivery.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage
The KWAI crew looks forward to seeing you soon.

Tiabo moa, Koraba and ALOHA
From the KWAI office in Hawaii