7th of July 2017, Lost at sea…

After twelve years of faithful service, our faithful and beautifuly painted orange life boat called “Love Me Tender” went missing overnight.  Somehow the knot in the painter line on the taffrail got undone, and now she is gone. In the evening Brad organized a small ceremony to wish her “a life on her own now”. That will be a hard one to replace.

As usual during this time in the voyage, we had a change in crew. The Christmas boys Teitera and Burangke stepped off. They were replaced by Turei, Tematang, Toki and Boota. Our cook Teruia has now two assistants: Rosarie and Tabai.

Thursday morning we moved the ship from our common anchorage to Cook Island Passage to wait for the KSC Kingfisher tender to drop off eighteen passengers and one Customs officer. At 11:45 we weighed anchor and set course 315 degrees. The weather was fair and all sails were hoisted. Brad asked Inna to shoot some ‘action pictures’ from a fishing launch that happened to sail by. When she stepped on board the slender launch, the two fishermen took off and headed for the island, leaving us behind without our super cargo. It took Inna quite some convincing (hands and feet communication) to have the guys return to the ship again. Once alongside, Banu took over the helm on the launch and they did a few rounds around the Kwai. The results are soon to be published on this website.