Dear Kwai Customers,

There is a change in our location for accepting cargo on this next voyage.  All cargo will be accepted at Pier 19, Honolulu.  The hours and days will be more limited this time.  We expect to accept cargo starting Monday to Friday, 12-16 June from 0700 to 2000 hours.  The forklift will be available only on Wednesday to Friday, 14-16 June from 0700 to 1145 and 1300 to 1545.

ALL Shippers sending more than 5 pallets or 10m3 MUST CONTACT Brad by email or phone 808 756 8078 to discuss their shipments.  Space will be limited on this voyage and new restrictions will apply to your accepting dates for trucks that have your cargo. We will have to work together to assure the success of this loading.

Thank you, Captain Brad