After only two weeks on shore the Kwai set sail again for a short trip to the Line Islands and back. A stretch of 1180nm which should take us about eight days to reach Christmas Island, our first port of call.

Departure was set for 1600h but we had a slight delay because of a tricky situation in the harbor. While a giant roro (roll-on-roll off freight carrier) was already leaving the dock behind us when all of a sudden a 378 Coast Guard vessel started manoeuvring out of its birth, causing a hazardous situation. Kind of like a sabre tooth tiger getting in the way of a woolly mammoth. While interesting communications were going on on channel 16 the mammoth came to a halt right next to the Kwai and the tiger took off regardless of Port Authorities orders.

Shortly after leaving Honolulu harbor we set all sails and turned the engine off. With a 15 knot trade wind from ENE we are sailing at a speed of 7-8 knots. The following swell makes the vessel pitch comfortably. All systems are running fine and the crew is doing great. Most of us are glad to be on our way “home”.

At our night watch we could still see the distinct glow of Honolulu public lights against a pitch dark night sky. We are twelve hours from shore…

One incident occurred when our cook Arina forgot to tie the painter-line to the railing and thus lost our best black sea bucket over the side. Landlubbers would say this is only a bucket but to us superstitious sailors it is a bad omen… O dear Neptune, please have mercy on us.