Captains Log
September 22, 2020 

Kwai arrived safely in Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) on Friday 18 September.  The downwind voyage was pleasantly uneventful.  We had some fine sailing but much calm in the second half of the trip when the trade winds petered out.   The reception has been warm, although we were stuck aboard at anchor for the weekend.  COVID testing was carried out aboard on Saturday, but no Customs and Immigration clearances were issued until Monday and then just for the US Citizens.  We did get ashore for a fine welcome reception, attended by the President, many of the Minsters and the Council of Chiefs.  The keen interest in RMI for reduced carbon emissions was strongly stated in the speeches.  RMI was one of the forces behind the Paris Climate Accord and has ambitious goals for reduction of its own carbon emissions which is why are here.  The Kwai crew were all introduced, Captain Brad made a short speech of appreciation and our Kiribati crew gave us a traditional arrival song While the hired band kept up their tunes, many folks including the dignitaries got tours of the ship.

Two days late now we have just started loading our first cargo.  In a couple of days we will sail for Jaluit, Namorik, Ebon and Kili Islands with a full load of mostly construction materials and some food.  These islands stretch to the SW from Majuro with a few hundred miles.  Jaluit is a large atoll with at least 5 island stops.  Namorik has a lagoon but no pass and Kwai will hopefully tie to the reef and swinging in the trade wind.  Ebon is a small atoll with one narrow channel entrance.  Cargo will be dropped off on the trip out and copra loaded on the way back.  Everyone is excited to have a new ship as we are to be here.

Captain Brad Ives