KWAI left Honolulu, Hawaii, USA at 17:00 hundred on February 20, one full day earlier then originally scheduled. And why was that? Because we have the most awesome crew, and they worked their “okoles” off to get everything done in record time, that’s why! Go TEAM KWAI!!!

The  crew includes some people who are not onboard and I’d like to give them mention here.
They were Senior Captain Brad Ives, handling every aspect from the refit operation to the cost of rice and everything in between.  Supercargo in training Alice Highton who was amazing but had to leave and who we hope will return to work with us in future.  Jack Risser who has returned from his home in Washington state to help organize the dock and take care of the KWAI vehicles. And Shopping Queens Meagan Kellogg and Jennifer Schiefla . April Fountain, Wendy Berry, and Maire Raven all stayed working in the KWAI office and keeping all the paperwork and orders organized.

Our current on board crew are 11 in total.

Captain Evy is at the helm
First Mate and new crew member Francis Kent is in training for a future Captain’s position on board. He hails from the UK
Taoba Bainrebu- Second Mate
Jane Barton- our wildly talented and much appreciated Cook from Canada
Charles- Chief Engineer on his second voyage with us
Frankie Desoutter- Supercargo
Christina Shyne, Purser and now heading the newly created position of Sail Training
Teitera Turei- Bosun
Riumete Tokintekai-Deckhand
Frank Burangke Tabuaka- Deckhand
Arioka Iobu- Deckhand
First stop will be Kiritimati, otherwise known as Christmas Island in the country of Kiribati. You can go see some information we have compiled on this Island by clicking the tab to your right (Kiritimati Island)

We will try to post as many blogs during the trip as we can, so stay tuned for more adventures.