Marshall Islands Shipping Corporation (MISSC) is the new owner of the ship.  She will continue the same work she has accomplished in the last 4 months of charter here in the Marshall Islands (RMI).  She has proved an excellent fit in this environment.  There are 25 islands to service in RMI and we have visited 14 of these.  The winter ENE trade wind offer excellent sailing up and down the Radik (Sunrise) Chain of islands and Kwai can move up and back to Majuro under pure sail.  The cargoes here are general cargo out and copra back, very similar to our 14 years of work in the Line Islands.  Officers Ross, Chrissy and Teitera and 4 Kiribati stalwarts as deckhands will be staying at least through February and there is funding authorized by RMI Cabinet to fund officers and crew to stay aboard for the year to train RMI personnel how to sail and maintain the ship.  Hopefully Anika, Evy, Ben and Wes  will all be involved in the next year as soon as COVID restrictions can be lifted to allow crew to join the ship here.  Meanwhile the ship life carries on.  Kwai topsides are getting chipped and painted.  After 8 months of constant duty there is some rust about.  With the COVID uncertainties, we do not know for sure who will be available to run the ship in this hand over period.   Of course MISC has final say on all personnel, but from my view there is a need and desire for good training so the ship can carry on the tradition we know and love.

Aloha, Captain Brad    7 January 2021