Greetings and Aloha,
Sailing ship KWAI departed Honolulu right on schedule Feb 10, at 14:00 hundred hours.

As some of you may now  know we now have a warehouse in Honolulu where we can stage and organize all the cargo prior to loading the ship. It will also be available for our customers to consolidate their cargo’s for any upcoming voyage.  It’s a big move for us to commit to this space but we foresee that it’s going to make our operation even more efficient in the long run. The address is 1311 C Kalani St. Honolulu, Hawaii.
Jennifer Scheifla is our warehouse Manager as well as THE cargo shopping QUEEN. You can reach her on her mobile at (808) 782-5271 or at her email Jennifer scheifla (
Thank you Jennifer! You are so awesome!

We also have a mailing address in Honolulu where customers can mail small cargo’s to us for processing. Our mailing address is:
Deep Water Ventures/SV KWAI, 350 Ward Ave. # 106-620 Honolulu, Hawaii, 97814.
Please let Wendy and/or Cheryl in the office know  prior to shipping anything to this address.

KWAI’s main business office is still on the Big Island of Hawaii and Managed by the wonderful Wendy Andrews with the equally wonderful Cheryl Carroll assisting in all things KWAI.
All emails with orders, questions and comments should continue to go to the office using the email address:
Please do not send any orders to Captain Brad’s personal email address as they may not be processed.

And now for the more news:
KWAI sucessfuly loaded 459m3 (cubic meters) of cargo and the hatch closed in another record setting time period.  All hands were as per usual working their butts off to get this done. Both Captain Evy and Captain Brad were on hand supervising the load as usual.  It is always such an amazing thing to see thousands of pieces of cargo going over the rail of the ship and then to see them all tucked into every possible available spot on the ship. It continues to be a process that seems magical even to those of us who have been doing this for years. KWAI loves to have her belly full of cargo!

To those of you who don’t know what we ship, our cargo consists of many things. We ship large bales (450 kilos each) of used clothing (this time 36 bales), bicycles (97), lots of food, tools, lumber and lots and lots of other STUFF destined this trip for three islands in the country of Kiribati.

The KWAI crew(12) for Voyage 43 consists of:

Captain Evy
First Mate: Carson Tak
Supercargo: Christina Shyne
Trainee Supercargo: Alex
Engineer: Dillion Rainwater
Head Cook: Jane Barton
Assistant Cook: Teruia Teruruai
Bosun: Tetaake Aretana
Deckhand: Frank Burangke
Deckhand: Arioka Iobu
Deckhand: Ieie Teibitoa
Deckhand: Teibitoa Rubeniti

We also have retained the services of Dr. Wes Young who will be our on call physician in Honolulu 24/7. Thank you Dr Wes for your great medical training you gave our crew and for making yourself available to us.

And Congratulations to EVERYONE who helped make the departure for Voyage 43 the success that it was! This includes Customs and Border Protection and the Stevedores at Pier 19 AND of course our customers!  Thank you!!!

The schedule is posted on it’s own page. Please check there for any and all updates.

That’s all for now. We look forward to more posts from the crew during the voyage.