KWAI was cast off from her lines and  departed Pier 31 in Honolulu yesterday at 16:00 hours. Once out of the harbor all sails were raised  she caught  a 15 knot NE wind.  UP until midnight the wind held steady and KWAI was averaging a nice 6 1/2 knots.

After midnight they went under the Island of Maui which blocked the wind  and they had to start the the engine ,our old but reliable GM Detroit 12-71.

I spoke with the ship this morning and Captain Brad reported that the Alinuihaha channel which is between Maui and the Big Island and if often a turbulant intersection of several ocean currents  was calm and the passed though it easily. Arina prepared a beautiful first morning at sea breakfast and all was well with ship and crew.

We have 11 departing crew and one passenger who is the son and representative of the customer who has chartered us for this short voyage.

Our current departing crew are:

Captain Brad Ives

First Mate: Ben Vroom
Chief Engineer: Chloe
Engineer Cadet: Nate
Supercargo: Henny
Supercargo assistant: Bwanuera
Cook: Arina
Bosun: Teitera
Deckhand: Burangke or Frank
Deckhand & Winch operator: Tetaake
Deckhand: Kaiaba
Passenger: JK from JMB enterprises

Dock Crew:
Jack Risser
Todd Munro ( who alas was going to be on the departing crew roster but had to return to Canada unexpectedly).

The Captain has promised a blog later on today which I will post as soon as possible and I’m sure that Ben our intrepid ships blogger will be writing again soon.

We would  like to thank everyone who made our short stay and departure from Honolulu run smoothly.  From the  Pilots who escorted us in and out of the often busy harbor to the dock scheduler who is always a pleasure to work with, the dock manager, Stevedores , Customs officials, Customs Broker, Dept of Agriculture, Coast Guard officers, Homeland security officers, vendors and customers, we send out a warm aloha to you all.
See you all next time on or around March 21!

I’d also like to thank our Office crew Wendy Berry and Maire Raven for their hard and steady work with our accounting and handling all the orders that come in from our  Island customers. Mahalo nui loa

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Kenneth Grahame~ Wind in The Willows~

Aloha and stay tuned for more adventure blogs from the KWAI

Aloha from  Mama KWAI- over and out~