Aloha, Mauri and Kia Orana to all our readers,

KWAI arrived safely and on time into Honolulu this past Sunday March 18, with Captain Evy at the helm. Welcome back KWAI!

This marks the end of Voyage #43 and the start of Voyage #44! Wow, have we really done that many?!!! It’s definitely a testament to KWAI magic that she not only came back from her slow death in a fjord in Norway when Brad and I first bought her, but also that she continues to be improved upon every year.
A BIG THANK YOU to ALL our wonderful crew, customers and friends of KWAI who continue to make this happen!

Arriving from Fanning Island are the following 13  crew:

Captain Evyathar Ben-Resheph
Carson Tak: First Mate
Christina Shyne: Supercargo
Dillon Rainwater: Engineer
Jane Barton: Cook
Alex Iacone: Assistant Supercargo
Teitera Turei: Bosun
Teruia Teruruai: Assistant Cook
Riumete Tokintekai: Deckhand
Frank Tabuaka: Deckhand
Teibitoa Rubeniti: Deckhand/Welder
Kabiriera Naan: Rigger
Tebaueti (Banuera) Tetabo: Cargo Specialist

Departing in Honolulu port on various dates prior to ships departure V44

Christina Shyne
Alex Iacone
Dillon Rainwater
Jane Barton