S/V KWAI departed Honolulu Hawaii on Feb 10 and has arrived to Christmas Island on Feb 18, 2018 at 07:00.

It was a mostly a quite trip, with enough wind to sail for about 2 days but still calm enough for some of the crew to surf off the side of the ship. There are pictures in our gallery of some of the crew who are either very good at this or not so good but smiling brightly because good or not, it’s WAY FUN!

The rest of the passage from Honolulu  were spent motor/sailing in light winds as some light deck work was done.
Supercargo Chrissy kept busy preparing paperwork for KWAI’s arrival and teaching our Supercargo in training, Alex.
If you are one of our customers in Kiribati you will surely meet this big Italian man who will very likely try to teach you an Italian song. If I were you, I’d try to teach him Kiribati songs too!

A couple of hours after arriving to Christmas Island the crew and Stevedores began discharging the first of 360 cubic meters of cargo destined for this Island.

Wendy and Cheryl in the KWAI office are busy getting all  the customers invoices to them  in Christmas Island and the Kiribati Port Authority so if you are waiting for yours you will have it very soon.

Brad who is now at his home on the Big Island of Hawaii, is busy writing up last years financial report and will be getting that out to stock holders and investors very soon.

More news from the ship soon!

Aloha (Hawaiian)
Tiabo moa (Kiribati)