We are just arriving at Fanning in a few hours.  All is fine aboard.  Even with this big crowd, Kwai is doing well.  This is a boisterous crowd of young athletes on the Aloha Deck, somewhat quieter ladies teams on the hatch and a council of Elders on the foredeck. Breeze has been favorable, 20 knots Easterly and we sailed most of the night.  Galley crew has been stalwart.  Teruai and her good friend, Tokinam, a powerhouse who has cooked for NCL, are unflappable.  Ieie and Tabora, Teitera’s cousin, have been reliable on crowd control and the watches alert and concerned.  I am on with Inna and Arioka 8-12.  Inna had a birthday yesterday and the cooks managed a cake. Gumballs cut up to make flowers and the “Happy Birthday, Inna, V40” written in mayonaisse, as no icing was available for that.  Inna was very happy, especially as we were sailing!

Tiabo moa/Aloha
Captain Brad