26th of June 2017, leaving Honolulu

The departure of the Kwai for Voyage 40 was delayed by 36 hours because of technical problems in the engine room. Our three-phase Lister generator had a leak on the coolant pump, and replacing it turned out a hellofa job.

Because of this delay, the crew was able to organize a BBQ party in Kewalo Basin park for captain Brad’s birthday, with a lot of good food, beautiful singing, and silly dance. Just minutes before the party started I was able to bring Brad the news that the generator was working fine. All added up to a harmonious climax. The stars were in conjunction, the forecast was good, so departure was imminent. On Monday morning our fully loaded vessel turned it’s bow towards the ocean.

With two new crew members on board (Super cargo Inna, and Mate Michael) and the rest of us being old crew, few words are spoken when work needs to be done. Taking down all sails in the middle of the moonless night is done blindfolded by three experienced crew members. You can picture them running up and down the rigging, finding the right lines and easing them out at the right moment. Working the sails with this crew feels like an orchestrated play. Everybody knows their part, even without a script. We’ve done it so many times before.

Moral is high as the waves that we encounter. When we take down sails in light winds, sundries start to roll around the deck. It’s part of everyday voyage. After a few days sailing, everything has settled down, even our stomachs.