KWAI arrived to Honolulu on December 28, 2016.
We may or may not go into more detail about it here on this website at a later time because it’s quite  a long story, but I will report that due to regulations required by US Homeland Security and Border Protection and the Harbors Division we have had to change some of our procedures both in where we dock and how long we can stay at the loading dock of Pier 31 in Honolulu. This will affect how we do some of our business in the future and we will certainly let everyone know of any changes that will affect our cargo operation.

KWAI is currently tied up at Kewalu Basin in Honolulu and is moving over to Pier 31 to load cargo on Wednesday January 18 and Thursday January 19. Then KWAI will be moving back to Kewalu Basin until departure on  Monday, January 23.
Captain Evy and Captain Brad have both been in Honolulu since KWAI’s arrival to Hawaii.  Cap’t Evy has been handling the ship maintenance tasks and Cap’t Brad has been handling everything cargo.

Crew updates:
Supercargo Frankie has stepped off to return to her home on Kauai for awhile and Christina (Chrissy) Shyne has stepped into the position of Supercargo for this next voyage # 38. Ben Vroom, our Engineer  (fondly known as Bengineer on this website) has stepped off as well for a bit  and Stephanus Erasmus Patricius Mens from the Netherlands (Stefan for short) has stepped into the Engineers position for Voyage 38.
Megan Watt who hails from Australia and joined the ship in Fiji during our refit, will be staying on as First Mate for Voyage 38.  Jane Barton our wonderful cook and Medical officer has joined us again after her many adventures in Guatemala and will be feeding and taking care of the crew again.  Captain Dominic Partridge a dear friend has returned to KWAI after many years (last voyage he Captained with usI was Voyage 17 back in 2010), and he will be taking the helm  for Voyage 38 to Kiribati and back to Honolulu. Welcome back Dominic!
We are also joined for this next voyage by our wonderful and very hard working crew from Kiribati, Tetaake, Beeni, Arioka Toki, Teibitoa, Ieie, Teruia and Banuera, all who will be departing with the ship and bound for their home islands in Kiribati. It’s a full crew of 13 people with all bunks taken and  heading out from Honolulu on Voyage 38.
The KWAI office is going through some big  changes as well as April or  Mama KWAI will be stepping down as acting Operations Manager and Wendy Berry will now be stepping into that position. Time for Mama KWAI to do some other things but  I will be available as a consultant for the business as well as possibly keeping this website updated.  Maire Susan Sanford will continue to work in the office as Administrative assistant and we will be hiring one other person probably on a full time basis to assist Wendy as well. We are in the process of interviewing people on the Big Island  for that position now.

KWAI once again has a full belly of cargo with over 500 cubic meters all bound for Kiribati.
Thank you to everyone including of course our customers who have made this possible once again! Go KWAI!!!!

April Fountain, Mama KWAI~