This is a very quick update letting all our readers know that the refit is complete. The mizzen mast is in, the “Aloha” deck made of our Wana wood from Suriname has been layed and the galley has been opened up. Cargo is still  being purchased by Supercargo Frankie and as of today it looks like we will have a full load coming North to Kiribati. Senior Captain Brad Ives will be heading to Fiji tomorrow to take over from Capt. Evy who has been heading the refit project. Capt Evy will be returning to Hawaii and Capt. Brad will be bringing the ship back to Kiribati and then Honolulu, Hawaii. Schedule dates are still not firmed up but we will post this as soon as the Fiji cargo is loaded and the ship is ready to depart.

Our wonderful Engineer and welder Shoni will be leaving soon to go back to his home to Australia. All the crew have been working amazingly hard to get all this done and will be heading northward soon.

There will be some new stories and information entered here soon but for now, we still have a lot of work to be done.

Vinaka Kavakalevu (Fijian), Tiabo (Kiribati), Aloha (Hawaiian)

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