Aloha, Mauri and Kia Orana all,
KWAI successfully returned to Hawaii on 1 September 2017 and this officially brings Voyage 40 to a close. Woo Hoo!!!
It was a good trip all around and I’m hoping that Captain Brad will write to you himself with a little more of an overview of the trip when he has a little more time. Suffice to say right now that it was a good and successful trip all around.

In the meantime I’d like to thank the following crew for their  hard work and efforts during the  3 1/2 month load in Honolulu and during the Voyage.

Names of the amazing crew are in alphabetical order:

First Name Family Name Position Country of Residence Port of Embarkation
Arina Tembeu Cook Kiribati Fanning Island
Arioka Iobu Deckhand Kiribati Christmas Island
Beeni Biremon Deckhand Kiribati Fanning Island
Bernardus (Ben) Vroom Engineer Netherlands Honolulu, HI
Frank “Burangke” Tabuaka Deckhand Kiribati Christmas Island
Ieie Teibitoa Deckhand Kiribati Christmas Island
Inna Brockhoff Supercargo Netherlands Honolulu, HI
Jane Barton Cook Canada Christmas Island
Kabiriera Naan Deckhand Kiribati Fanning Island
Michael R. Kellick First Mate United States Honolulu, HI
Riumete Tokintekai Deckhand Kiribati Christmas Island
Stephen B. Ives Captain United States Honolulu, HI
Banuera Tetabo Cargo Handler Kiribati Fanning Island
Teitera Turei Bosun Kiribati Christmas Island
Tekateke Reita Deckhand Kiribati Fanning Island
Tematang Butoa Deckhand Kiribati Christmas Island
Teraititi Naan Assistant Supercargo Australia Fanning Island
Teruia Teruruai Cook Kiribati Fanning Island
Tetaake Aretana Deckhand Kiribati Christmas Island
Turei Iuta Deckhand Kiribati Christmas Island

Stepping off the ship in Hilo, Hawaii are First Mate Michael Kellick, Super Cargo  Inna Brockhoff and Engineer Ben Vroom. Bon Voyage, A hui hou and Tiabo moa to you all! Thank you all for all your amazing work and efforts!

Rejoining the ship are Captain Evy from Israel; Super Cargo Christina Shyne from Maine, USA;  Engineer Shoni Wallach from Australia via New Zealand via Israel; and making a first time appearance First Mate Fabian Klenner from Germany.
And also not to be forgotten EVER are the people behind the KWAI scenes, the people nobody ever sees are  Wendy Andrews our amazing Office and Operations Manager, Cheryl Carrol “Office everything that is needed person”, and Jennifer Schiefla, the Shopping Queen working in Honolulu shopping, shopping and more shopping to fill all the hundreds of orders we receive.

What an amazing crew with each and everyone making up the KWAI magic that has continued now for over 14 years! You are all part of the KWAI family along with over 100 other people who have put in their love, sweat and tears over the years.  YOU are KWAI.

But oh wait, YOU the customers should be and are thanked by all of us KWAI-ites.  All of you in Honolulu, USA mainland and the Islands of Kiribati and Cook Islands. Thank you for continuing to use our sailing cargo service. We certainly couldn’t do a thing without you. Thank you!

We also want to thank Customs and Border protection (CBP)  as well as the Harbor Master in Hilo for making us feel very welcome as we sit at anchor here. Mahalo! 

Work on the ship is going on in Radio Bay Hilo Hawaii and then KWAI will move over to Pier 19 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The dates and schedule for accepting and loading cargo are still being decided on by Department of Transportation (DOT) in Honolulu but we will post this for you very soon.

Please feel free to call Wendy in the KWAI office in Hawaii for the schedule updates at (808) 854-6289 or Captain Brad Ives (808) 756-8078. 

Thank you again everyone,
From Mama KWAI~ (yup still here!). Aloha!