The following crew are currently on board KWAI from Honolulu to Christmas Island:
Beeni, Ben, Frank (Burangke), Super Cargo Inna, Kabiriera, First Mate Michael Kellick, Captain Brad, Bwanuera (Banu), Bosun Teitera, and Cook Teruia.
Wendy and Cheryl continue to work in the office in Hawaii as does April (Mama KWAI) as continuing on call consultant behind the scenes.

Head Cookie Jane Barton stepped off after fully provisioning the ship for the entire trip and is taking her time off in I believe Canada this time, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING JANE, YOU DA BOMBA!  Captain Evy also stepped off for a well deserved shore leave and to spend time with his beautiful wife Robinette (who used to work for KWAI years ago).   Engineer Shoni also stepped off and back I believe to Australia, Megan Watt also departed as did Rafael who shared the Engineer job with Shoni. Thank you everyone for getting the ship back safely to Honolulu as well as all your efforts that made the last Voyage 39 a success. KWAI couldn’t make it without the many hands who nurture her. So a big Mahalo to everyone of you!
on 29 June, 2017, KWAI’s position was 12:49 N and 157:11 W. Winds a near perfect ENE at 20 knots and they traveling at 8 to 9 knots. Not bad for a ship loaded with 544 cubic meters and 120,000 kilos of cargo!

That’s all for today, Tiabo Boraunako (good bye and good sailing, in Kiribati language),