Aloha all,
KWAI set sail right on schedule the morning of November 11 from Honolulu and bound for first land on Kiritimati, Kiribati (Christmas Island) November 20.

The cargo load went efficiently, smoothly and above all blazing fast! Everything got purchased, measured, weighed, labeled, sorted as to which Island it is going to and loaded.
Captain Brad may be writing more details on all this later on. I hope he tells you about the warehouse that includes office space we have now leased in Honolulu. It’s a big step for us and quite exciting. Imagine all you past KWAI-ites, not to have to off load the entire office, shelving, and so many boxes of supplies and then pack everything up each and every time the Kwai comes and goes anymore. It’s going to be NICE!

As always there was an amazing dock crew that made the whole thing happen along with the ever present KWAI magic as in how in the world did you guys  (and gals) do all that!
I especially want to thank Jennifer Schiefla who not only is a mother but also manages to do a ton of KWAI shopping and is always in the right place at the right time working for KWAI. She’s everywhere and always with a yes, I can do that. How she manages it is nothing short of amazing.
And Christina Shyne Supercargo kept things organized and flowing everyday both at the warehouse and dock, communicating all the time with the office and keeping it all together. And then there’s Matthew with  his easy going attitude, counting, measuring and hauling boxes.
And oh boy, what about Captain Brad? He’s everywhere, doing everything and all the time, along with Captain Evy working on the ship with the rest of the amazingly hard working KWAI crew.
It’s hard, it’s dirty, it’s long hours and it’s magic in motion to make this all happen. And then to finally see the ship sail off the dock and away with the crew waving and Cookie Jane’s brightly colored hair blazing in the sun, it’s a sight to see.

Also not so visible but this couldn’t happen without them, the Big Island Office team of Wendy and Cheryl who are behind the scenes handling the business end of things. Mahalo to you both for keeping all the numbers and orders in the right place, customers communicated with,  bills paid, endless paperwork filled out as well as so many other things too numerous to mention here.
And April (Mama KWAI) continues to pitch in whenever and where ever asked.

And so after almost 3 weeks, the KWAI got hauled out, had her bottom painted and the hole from last trip repaired and 435 cubic meters (m3) of cargo loaded.

The full schedule for Voyage 42 is noted on the Schedule page and any updates will be posted there as soon as they are known from the Captain.
Captain Evy will be taking the ship to the Islands we service in Kiribati and then he and Captain Brad will be swapping places the end of November with Evy who will go  home to his beautiful wife in Hawaii and Captain Brad stepping on board in Kiribati to take the ship to the Cook Islands (while leaving his beautiful wife at home in Hawaii..heehee…that’s me).
Also Shoni will be disembarking and Ben Vroom (Bengineer) embarking the end of November on Christmas Island.

The 11 crew on board this Voyage #42 are as follows:
Evy Ben-Resheph:    Captain
Megan Jean Watt:     First Mate
Shoni Wallach:           Engineer
Jane Barton:              Head Cook
Teruia Teruruai:         Assistant Cook
Christina Shyne:       Super Cargo
Matthew Benes:        Purser
Ieie Teibitoa:              Deckhand
Riumete Tokintekai:  Deckhand
Teitera Turei:             Bosun
Arioka Iobu:               Deckhand

That’s all for now. I’ll try to gather a few more pictures from crew for our gallery page from the dock in Honolulu as well as during the trip.

Aloha and Mahalo nui loa