Yesterday we had another day of beauty.  The evening before we ran through some squalls blowing out of a clear sky.  Rain and wind to lay Kwai over and run her up to 9 and even 10 knots with topsail holding her own.  The next morning was a staggering display of clouds and sunrise.  Blue sky was still around so each cloud was its own formation.  Single little squalls 3 or 4 times their width tall, some really big thunderheads billowing up, even strato and alto combination possible all in a bright sky.  It was one of those days when you can see forever and glimpse tops of high clouds well over the horizon.  What a show.  The wind went light, until another squall hit   and we started motoring.  Still motor sailing tonight 24 hours later with the 4 major planets and waxing moon lined up across our path. It has gone peacefully light with less than 10 knots of E wind.  Kwai is close hauled making over 6 knots with the rebuilt GM chugging away down in the bowels of the ship while the happy crew carry on on deck.

Captain Brad