Feb 26 16:45

After loading a respectable 300m2 ? General cargo, neatly stowed in the hold and well strapped on the hatch we made a little show of leaving Kewalo harbor by setting sail in the channel. At the exit, we picked up the NE trades almost immediately. Main, main topsail, mizzen and three headsails took our fully loaded riveted steel hull on our course to Kirimati Island at between seven and eight knots. It was fun to finally get out of the harbor after what seemed like endless confinement. About the 4th day out we were overtaken by a prolonged 50 kt squall. We turned downwind to save the flying jib and had a brief 10kt sleighride. We motor sailed for the last two days and dropped the hook on the lee (west) side of CXI 0600 March 07 2019. We discharged cargo all day. On March 08 we celebrated international womens day. The crew had the day off, went to a spectacular palm fringed white sand beach and swam in the broad green waters of the Pacific. Back on the Kwai we feasted on lobster tails. and napped. We finished discharging and loadingon March 11. On March 12 we boarded 32 passengers and 13 crew. We had a safety briefing and were underway for Tabueran atoll at 12:20 pm. Tabueran is 158 miles from CXI. We made that distance motorsailing in a north wind in 21h 40m, arriving at our mooring in english harbor at 10:00 Tuesday March 13 2019.

– Capt Kim