April 26 2019 Teraina island

Copra is packed in 100-150 lb jute bags and carried on the backs of stevedores to boats held off the beach by crew up to their waists in water. Once loaded, the boats are driven out to the ship through a narrow pass. Trips must be timed between surf breaking across thss the mouth. We have had boats capsize here. Men and copra in the water. Engines submerged and boats bottom up on the reef. Twenty or thirty bags at a time are hoisted out of the boats in cargo nets and lowered into the hold where more stevedores stow them for sea. After loading fifty tons, hindered by only having one boat and by church on sunday, we departed Teraina April 28 at 1815 with 3 passengers and 14 crew bound for Tabueran island about 75 miles to windward. we caught the mooring in English harbor at 10:00 April 29. We loaded 50 tons of copra in two days. Kiribati are paid by their government, $2.20 AUD per kilo of copra. They must find the fallen nut,split it in half with an axe,cut out the meat and dry it. They are paid on delivery. It is their main source of income. It is sold for oil and cattle feed. We departed English harbor Tabueran island at 16:30 April 30 2019 with 12 passengers and 14 crew. Bound for cxi, 160 miles to windward. We caught a fair wind about half way and set sail the rest of the wayand arrived in cxi at 22:30 May 01 2019. We discharged our copra and boarded our crew. Departed cxi 06:45 May 03 2019 with 13 crew and set all sail in a fair wind on the last leg of voyage 48 bound for Kaneohe bay Oahu, 11150 nautical miles due north, An eight day trip. Unknown to us, one of our crew had been drinking heavily and regularly for more than a year. He was sober when he joined the vessel and after two days of abstinence he started to have hallucinations. He was seeing land and people in the water and he wanted to go over the side. We had to watch over him 24 hrs a day. We had to pull him off the rail several times. He raved insanely for 4 days without sleep, after which he fell asleep and woke up more or less lucid. It took all our spare time to take care of him. I credit our crew with saving the mans life. We motor-sailed at a good speed for the first 4 days and motored in light winds and calm seas for another 4 days. We caught another fair wind 6 hrs befor arrival so we set all sail just to show off. We dowsed sail at the entrance to Kaneohe bay and at 10:53 May 10 2019 we made our lines fast to Heia Kea wharf thus ending voyage # 48.

Kim Smith